Buying a house can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. When you end up with a realtor and lender specialized in helping first time buyers, you're in the right hands. 
The main reasons people don't buy a house are because they think their credit is too bad, they think it costs more than their rental, or most commonly, they have a hard time coming up with the down payment. 
The state of Michigan has a program for down payment assistance that offers up to $7,500 (could be $10,000, depending on the city) towards your closing costs. The income restrictions are fairly loose, and it only requires a 640 credit score. The income limitations can be found here. Note that if the website states the area is "Targetted", the state will give you up to $10,000.
If we combine this assistance with seller concessions, we can get you into your new home for the refunded security deposit may receive from your landlord. 
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